We're the faces and hands behind the pots. Since 2005 Jen has grown The Village Pottery into a thriving business while keeping all the charm and warmth of the small family-run venture it once began as. Along the way friends have joined Jen in making this dream grow.



The Story.

Jen's passion for pottery and creating with her hands shines through every piece she makes. Since studying at Cardiff, Jen has nurtured her love for hand-crafted objects and believes the story of the maker is in each piece created, giving it a soul and the ability to bring joy in their everyday use.

Developing over the years, Jen has grown The Village Pottery into an established business that now offers lessons, wedding lists, baby feet imprints, personalised commissions and designing bespoke tableware for Michelin star restaurants.

However, her love for sharing this process and the joy it brings to those who use her pottery still remains the focal point of what makes The Village Pottery.

The Village Pottery | Jen

Jen | Owner | Chief Potter

The Village Pottery | Leo

Leo | Head strawberry tester


With the addition of the newest team member, Jen is taking a small step back and busy working away behind the scenes. With this change of role she has handed over running of the pottery to Sian.

If you have any enquiries please get in contact with Sian via email:  sian@thevillagepottery.co.uk

The Team.

IMG_4852 3.jpg

Sian | Potter | Manager

The Village Pottery | Alice

Alice | Potter